The Studio for Law and Culture (SLC@CLS) grew out of the former Center for the Study of Law and Culture. The Center facilitated interdisciplinary academic study, research and scholarship on the intersections of law and culture.

The focus of SLC@CLS is arts and humanities-based public programs about law, social justice and human rights culture that teach and support civic literacy and capacity, both on and off campus. Embracing an expansive definition of culture as a concept whose boundaries range from the aesthetic to the political, SLC@CLS supports projects that understand law in a strict institutional or positivist sense, as well as those that approach law more generally as a regime for ordering social life, constructing cultural meaning, and shaping group and individual identities. 

A core mission of SLC@CLS is to use the arts and culture to connect and collaborate with vulnerable communities and constituencies that have historically been excluded from full participation in American institutions and public life.

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