CRT2: Columbia Race Talks x Critical Race Theory

Columbia Race Talks x Critical Race Theory (CRT2) is a project of the Studio for Law and Culture at Columbia Law School. Produced by students in the Critical Race Theory Seminar Workshop, CRT2 uses critical race theory as a lens to look at charged issues, contested histories and contemporary debates about law, culture and the politics of race.

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The Backlash to CRT in France: Special Feature

What has the response to Critical Race Theory (CRT) been in France? What are the commonalities between France and the U.S. with respect to the reception and backlash to CRT? See more information at

The Backlash to CRT in France

Josephine Baker became the latest recipient of one of France’s highest honors—induction into the Pantheon. What was the symbolic significance of Baker’s induction into the Pantheon and Macron’s subsequent remarks, and what does it mean that France chose to honor an American-born woman with one of their highest honors? In this episode, we talk to Professor Maboula Soumahoro to uncover some of these answers. See more information at

Color Lines: Geography and Racial Control

The histories of slavery and segregation have not only left distinctions between the economic and social realities of people of different races in the United States, but have literally shaped the geography and environments we live in. Racial identities of different communities and geographies are as obvious as any other physical attributes of the community. Not only to they shape the character and culture of communities, but continued geographic segregation has resulted in health crises and facilitated mass incarceration, particularly in Black communities. See more information at

Intersectionality and Violence Against Women

This episode of CRT2 spotlights the struggles and fights of marginalized women of color against the backdrop of political and social movements in the US and across the globe. The episode spotlights recent actions taken by women in Mexico to push for protection against all kinds of violence, the long saga of R. Kelly’s sexual assault allegations from Black girls and women, and the #SayHerName movement formed to address the lack of attention given to Black women victims of police violence. We analyze these three stories using the Critical Race Theory concept of “intersectionality”. See more information at

Race and the Reality of Reproductive Rights in the United States

Reproductive rights in the United States are being threatened more than ever. The enactment of state legislation curtailing the right to abortion – by imposing time limits, dictating mandatory waiting times, obligatory sonograms, and ever-stringent requirements for abortion clinics – is at an all-time high. Hear from our experts on this developing issue. See more information at

CRT, Columbia Law School and the Legacies of Slavery: The Black Male Initiative

Join us as we journey through Columbia Law School's legacy of slavery and the remnants of that legacy on and off campus today with a particular focus on the experiences of Black men. With the assistance of esteemed panelists, we apply and analyze various critical race theories to navigate the various systemic challenges faced by Black men today while acknowledging and addressing the past. See more information at

Movement Lawyering in Law School

In this episode of CRT2, how movement lawyering can be incorporated in legal education. Movement lawyering, or community lawyering, is a non-traditional approach to social justice lawyering that recognizes the limitations of relying on the law to bring about social change. See more information at


CRT and Family Regulation System: Toward Abolition

In this episode of Columbia Race Talks / Critical Race Theory, guest Professor Anna Arons from NYU Law School speaks on her experiences as a public defender working in the family regulation system. We chat with her not only about the need for abolition, but also on how we can work toward a society that actually keeps children and families safe without relying on systematic violence. See more information at

The Scarlet Letter of Incarceration: Special Feature

In this mini feature, guests continue the conversation on re-entry into community and family reunification, and help us learn how CRT can play out in our everyday relationships, between lawyers and clients and especially between mom and daughter. We speak with Shameeka and her 11 year-old daughter, Empress, two powerful voices for resilience, healing and racial justice. See more information at

The Scarlet Letter of Incarceration: Barriers to Women’s Re-Entry

Over 1.9 million individuals leave women’s prisons and jails every year in the US. This process of returning to the community is labeled “re-entry”. In this episode of CRT2, we ask - What does the re-entry experience actually look like for Black women? The stories shared with us by four formerly incarcerated women and a justice impacted girl illuminate the sometimes gut wrenching journey one must go through after incarceration and en route to freedom. Extra feature included. See more information at